Monday, 6 July 2015

SMB's new premises - building update...

Well, despite soaring temperatures last week (we had a high of 36°C on Wednesday & averaged 25°C for the rest of the week - we're British, so that's way-hot for us!) the building work has continued in leaps & bounds & we are now the proud owners of some walls! Check it out:

The upstairs office & meeting room are taking shape

Downstairs & this will be the ante-room to the technician's clean-room lair :-)

This is the entrance to the kitchen & other welfare facilities (posh speak for the loo)...

The office is taking shape, with windows installed & partition walls nearing completion

In the next few days, the climate control systems will be installed &, once all the wiring is completed the final walls & the floating ceilings can be put in place.   It's then that all the really exciting (expensive) stuff starts being installed -the clean room is going to be a thing of great beauty, do we really have to let the technician in - he might make a mess?!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

SMB's new premises, building work continues...

We are getting very excited here at SMB Bearings, as the building work continues apace on our new, larger premises at Ventura Park, Carterton.  

Ventura Park - our unit is bottom left of the picture - our neighbours include Airbus UK & the local leisure centre.

Tapper Interiors have made a cracking start & the mezzanine level & stairs are now in place, so the upstairs offices & meeting room & downstairs clean-room can be built now. 

The electricians are also on-site, so power & lighting are going in shortly.  It may not look like much yet, but we're sure it's going to be just amazing! :-)

We'll bring you more news as work progresses & look forward to a grand unveiling of the finished building very soon (hopefully around September)... 

Friday, 12 June 2015

SMB proud to support Go Longboard Day 2015...

Time for the annual Go Longboard Day
We're delighted to be involved & have donated a few prizes for the big day.

Organiser Ben Stainer says:

"The plan is actuallyfor there to be three events in one day:

Meet at the pavilion in Victoria park at 11:00, from there its making the small trip to the dancing spot, where their will be a longboard dance/flatland contest with various prizes, starting around 13:00 and ending around 13:30 (prizes to be announced)

The second event is a push race, much like APN did at Victoria park in 2012. A loop where the start is the finish, with prizes and little need to have a leg day

Image courtesy of Shove-it mag
The third event will be at Greenwich park, at a place called lovers lane for a slide Jam. Greenwich park is fairly easy to reach from Victoria park, several options will be posted in more detail below


To push to the Nearest DLR station (Bow Church), head straight towards Mile end tube station. at the main road, turn left and continue along, past mile end and Bow road tube stations. Bow Church DLR will be just after Bow Road tube station


227 from stop W (just outside of the entrance closest to the pavillion) to WESTFERRY DLR

D6 from Stop Y outside of St Barnabas church (Going back towards mile end station) and get of at UNIVERSITY OF CUMBRIA IN LONDON. Westferry DLR is a 5 minute walk away

Once on the DLR, head towards Lewisham and alight at CUTTY SARK. Follow the signs to greenwich park.

The slide jam will be happening around 16:30, to compensate for the tube being as reliable as political promises made in the election in May.

The slide Jam will be in two categories
Soft wheel (under 90a)
Hard wheel/tech slide (over 90a)

Any questions, do not hesitate to message me (Ben Stainer) about transport, suggestions etc

If your skate company wants to Sponsor go longboard day, please contact us!

Hope you can come down and meet the melting pot that is the longboard community!

Sponsors will be announced as soon as they come through!

SMB Bearings (that's us!)
Slide Perfect Wheels

Cover photo credit to April Whitlow
Shove it Mag:

We wish all participants (& of course the dedicated organisers) every success with this event - it's sure to be great fun!  Find out more at the event's Facebook page.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Euro Heli Series news...

Our friend Ian Emery has been involved in the establishment in 2014, & growth in 2015, of the Euro Heli Series - a series of radio controlled helicopter competitions across Europe.  

The first two events have already taken place this year, in France & Belgium - & two more events follow in the autumn, the Netherlands &, just confirmed, now also in Slovenia.

Photo by Mark Christy, Belgium competitors 2014...
And the winners from Belgium 2015...

Ian visited us recently & told us some of the difficulties involved in arranging these events (not least being able to afford the judges required to make it an officially recognized F3C event) so we are thrilled that he's been able to gain the support & momentum required to make a go of it!  

Ian says "I am pleased to announce that the Moonlight Cup, held in Slovenia will be added to the Euro Heli Series Calendar for 2015. It will give pilots from other parts of Europe who can't make it to any of our other events an opportunity to get involved in the Euro Heli Series and as always everyone is welcome to come along.
This years Moonlight Cup will be held over the weekend of 11-13 September 2015. I will be adding a page to the website over the coming weeks and information will be added as it is confirmed.
Thank you to everyone who came to Vitry le francois and Lendelede over the past couple of weeks and to everyone involved in organising the events. It was great to catch up and really nice to see so many F3C pilots and judges there".

We'll bring your more news from Ian & his Euro Heli Series adventures throughout the season - in the meantime we wish Ian & his fellow competitors continued fun & success - happy flying guys!

Monday, 11 May 2015

Aaron bags top spot at "Rumble at the Peep"...

Aaron bags 1st place...
Massive congratulations to Aaron Skippings for the top performance at UK downhill event "Rumble at the Peep" which took place on Saturday - we're super proud of you Aaron!

Check out Aaron in action, at last weekend's Belgian "Eat Concrete" championship here:

We'll bring you more news from Aaron's epic downhill season as it progresses :-)

Thursday, 30 April 2015

A busy weekend on the downhill/longboard race circuit...

A frenetic weekend of international downhill skateboarding/longboarding action awaits us & we can't wait to share the results with you next week!

IDF's 2014 world number 2 Marie Bougourd (aka Spoky Woky) is in action stateside, competing in California at the Catalina Island Classic 2015...

Marie getting in some training for the Maryhill Freeride last weekend...

And closer to home, our friends Aaron Skippings & Joe Baldwin are heading to Belgium to compete with a great international field at Eat Concrete 2015.

Joe & Aaron chilling at Pike's Peak last year...

Check out the highlights from last year's epic Eat Concrete event...

We wish everyone the best of luck, a safe & speedy ride!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Schaeffer Mclean video diaries...

Schaeffer Mclean has been a very busy skateboarder lately! Here's a selection of his latest videos, showing all the action...

"We had just two hours to stop by a town, and we challenged ourselves to visit all the street spots we could. Here's what happened":

"After a long break from attempting it, Schaeffer went back to land the Big Three at Lloyds in Bristol. The Big Three is a legendary Skatespot and very huge. He landed it and this is what happened":

"New Skatepark built by Maverick Industries in Dunstable. This was the Official Opening Day and Skate Jam in March 2015 and here are a few quick clips of Schaeffer skating in the Under 16s Street Competition. He wins a Santa Cruz Board for his 50-50 trick on the curved ledge 180 out":

Keep up to date with Schaeffer via YouTube, Facebook & Instagram - this young man is a skateboarding legend & so talented you'll be addicted before you know it! :-)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

SMB Bearings Interchange now live...

Our technical department have just finished work on our updated bearing search & interchange:

This function will help to provide a fast conversion of manufacturer or competitor part numbers & you can also identify bearings if you have sizes/dimensions but no part number, or if you have a part number which you don't quite recognize...

An example of a search on our new interchange.

Of course there are times where it's best just to speak to someone, so if you're having difficulty finding a direct interchange please feel free to continue contacting us if you need extra help identifying those tricky little bearings you've got :-)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

F3C European RC Helicopter Series, new website launched today...

Congratulations to our friend & RC helicopter pilot Ian Emery, who has today launched this year's website for the F3C European RC Helicopter Series - it looks great Ian, well done!  

Ian says:
"There are still some areas that need updating but I hope to get that done over the next few weeks. It has some great new features including and F3C Event Calendar, a Twitter feed to provide updates on the build-up to a competition weekend and live updates throughout the weekend. There isn't really anywhere that people who want to get started in F3C can go to for information. We are hoping that the pilot profile and getting started pages can help to resolve this. Quick tips off experienced pilots can be added to help those just starting off.
I am also hoping that the website and the Euro Heli Series competitions could form the basis of the F3C World Cup events which everyone is wishing for".

Ian tackling some pre-flight maintenance...
Well Ian, we wish you every success with that - you've been so successful in creating the Euro Heli Series that surely a World Heli Series can't be far behind?!

Friday, 20 March 2015

SMB Bearings LTD Website - new pages launched...

Our technical department have been extremely busy lately, fine-tuning aspects of our website so that we can offer the maximum amount of product & technical information to our customers & the newly developed pages have gone live this morning.

Whole new ranges have been added to our portfolio & we can now source ceramic & 316 stainless steel bearings for specialist applications. 

We hope that you can now find all the information that you could possibly ever need on our bearing ranges & support services, but do please feel free to contact us if you need pricing information or advice on bearing selection/ answers to technical questions - we'll look forward to helping you with any enquiries that you may have.

In a short while the site's bearing interchange & search facility will also go live, giving access to (& explanations of) thousands of different manufacturer's part references - we'll let you know just as soon as it's been completed.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Work starts on SMB's new home...

We are so, so excited!  After much hard work, deliberation & cogitation over building plans by our M.D. & the moving about of one extremely awkward staircase (we thought at one point that we'd have to use a rope ladder or fireman's pole to access the new office suite), the finalised architectural plans for our new premises are ready.

We will soon be handing over to the team at Tapper Interiors, who will now be responsible for the full interior build on our new premises.

Before Tapper Interiors get started, the flooring work will be commencing on our new home at Ventura Park, on 7th April - YEAY!!!!!!  The first step will be to have the floors cleaned & shot blasted to a super smooth finish by the folks at Polydeck Resins

concrete flooring during the shot-blasting process...
& then the floors will be given a super-tough & durable epoxy coating.  
We apparently had a fabulous choice - indeed a veritable rainbow - of colours to choose from. 

An example of flooring by Polydeck Resin
And given such a wondrous colour palette to choose from, we have selected this...

Ah well! :-)
We'll look forward to bringing you more news as work progresses.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Schaeffer Mclean, skateboard slaughter in Spain... :-)

This is a great little clip from super skater Schaeffer Mclean 

showing how perseverance pays off in the end, but also what a truly hard time of it skateboards have - it's no wonder that wheel bearings suffer from shock load... :-)

Schaeffer says:
"Trying to land something I have never done before, to clear the ledge at Fuengirola Skatepark. Then I chipped my new board badly.......arghhh!"

Nice one Schaeffer - sorry about the board, but good to see you nail it in the end!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

F1 in Schools 2015, SMB Bearings proud to support Torque Racing...

Well, we can't quite believe it but another F1 in Schools race season is upon us!  

We've had a proud association with this event for a number of years now & we relish the opportunity for a number of reasons - not least because it's a wonderful way of valuing future generations & engaging young people with STEM in an exciting & truly innovative way.

Teams of youngsters get together to design & raise funds to build & race their miniature F1 cars against other teams of students in regional, national & international competitions. To progress in the events they also have to have a business model & a winning presentation of all the work they've put in - as competitions go, it is truly epic in scale!

After a number of approaches from various schools, we have decided to offer our support to the lovely folks at Torque Racing F1 this year & we really look forward to bringing you their news & updates as the race season progresses.

Torque Racing F1 team, victors at the regional finals last month...

These dynamic young competitors have already bagged an impressive victory at the regional finals in Birmingham last month & are now striving to repeat their success on a national level.  The team, from Sprowston Community High School, will be in action at the National finals on the 12th-13th March & we wish them every success in their mission & hope that SMB Bearings will play a small part in their success.

We'll be supplying them with precision miniature bearings, as well as technical & social media support to help them on their way to victory.  Click this Post by Torque Racing F1 to see them live in action - but blink & you miss it - so see an image of their regional finals car below :-)

Torque Racing F1 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Downhill skate season 2015

As riders contemplate the forthcoming IDF downhill world cup races for 2015, some people are ahead of the game & have already started!!

Spoky Woky (aka Marie Bougourd), who placed second in the world rankings for 2014, has already kicked off 2015 with a bang & fitted in two competitions in Puerto Rico - check out some footage here, filmed by fellow competitor Emily Pross:

Marie (pictured far right) wins El Guama race in Puerto Rico this weekend 
Can Marie make it to the very top of the world rankings in 2015 - we really think she can!  You can read full race reports & rider profiles at the IDF website, also a valuable source of information if you're thinking of giving downhill skateboard & luge racing a go.

As the IDF race season gets well underway, we'll be sure to bring you all the news from our friends on the international circuit - our very best wishes to all the competitors for 2015, but especially big wishes go to Aaron Skippings, Joe Baldwin & Spoky Woky! :-)

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Joe Baldwin bags first place at Fumble in the Valley...

Our friend Joe Baldwin was in action at the weekend, racing in Welsh downhill competition Fumble In The Valley...

Joe says:
"I took first place at the first UK race of the year in Wales this weekend!  Racing in a blizzard!!
Horse poo, grit & ice haven't managed to cease your bearings"
Joe styles it out on the podium (pub chair) top spot! Photo by
Thanks for the big up Joe - I have to stress, we don't normally recommend horse poo, grit & ice as the optimum conditions for bearings maintenance!!  If you'd like to learn how to clean your skate bearings after a hellish weekend's action on the slopes, click here & read on...

In other news, the international sensation & superstar Marie Bougourd (aka SpokyWoky) came second at the famous Guajataca Downhill race in Puerto Rico last weekend - an amazing way to kick of the 2015 race season... you GO girl!!

Spoky Woky (far right) at the starting line in Puerto Rico last weekend

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

2015 at SMB Bearings Ltd...

A belated Happy New Year & welcome to 2015 to all our lovely friends & followers - all of us at SMB Bearings wish you every happiness & success for the coming year.

Now that the chaos of returning to work & kicking off a busy 2015 has calmed down a bit, we've begun contemplating what the future holds for SMB this year...

I know we said this first in 2011, but we're actually doing it - WE'RE MOVING!!! 

Our new home...

Ventura Park, Broadshires Way, Carterton...

Work is scheduled to begin inside our swanky new premises in the next six weeks & we'll be moving in later in the summer. Very importantly the move means that we'll be able to increase our bearing stock range from our current 2000+ individual sizes & have even more speciality miniature bearings in stock.

This is an aerial view of SMB's new home, we're the lovely big unit here on the bottom left of the image...

Also coming later this year is SMB's new paper catalogue - old-school but super handy for reference - it's definitely time for a new version, as our stock range has grown significantly & a couple of staff members have an awful lot less hair than when the last version came out over a twelve years ago!
The last SMB Bearings catalogue, in which people still had hair...

Officially antique now, the original SMB catalogue circa 1985... it was typed!!

The finalised version of our new website - tweeked & optimised to the full - is also due to put in an appearance... what a busy bunch we're going to be!!

We're looking forward to bringing news from SMB Bearings 
& from our wonderful friends & customers as the year progresses.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


From us all at SMB Bearings
we'd like to wish you all the best for the festive season & for the coming year!  

Our very own warehouse elf, Colin...

Nelly, SMB Bearings biscuit eating director & office mascot...
 We look forward to bringing you news of all our adventures in 2015 - 
including the move to our new premises (scheduled for next summer).

SMB's current home, pictured in the snow...